Why yoga and wine are the perfect pairing

Before you have visions of yourself lying in Savanasa with an empty bottle in your hand, let me stop you right there. I’d like to start by saying we won’t be handing out Straws ‘n Shiraz during our yoga classes. There will be no drinking vino and tree-posing at the same time. Neither will we make you ‘stretch to reach for the bottle’. No no.

First we practice yoga, then we drink the wine. The obvious reason is to avoid any injuries, but more so to respect the practice. We know the general consensus of Yoga is that there are certain restrictions in place, and that most yoga retreats go hand-in-hand with organic, wholesome and super healthy foods/juices.

Whereas we love clean eating, we’re also strong advocates of a life lived in balance. Enjoying the good things in life – slowing down, forgetting about Netflix and social media, admiring the sun rise, enjoying delicious meals paired with silky wines and flowing conversations. All of these are just as important as green juices and exercise.



Whether you step on the mat after a hectic day or curl up on the sofa with a glass of red, you’re allowing yourself to unwind and slow down. Practicing yoga and drinking wine (in the right moderation) are both experiences that can reduce stress, encourage social connection and improve relaxation.

And that’s exactly what our Yoga and Wine Retreats are all about.

We want to connect (with) like-minded people, whisk them away to stunning destinations where they can relax and share memorable experiences together. Think inspiring conversations (in real life, thank you!), jaw-dropping excursions, organic cooking classes, spa treatments, wine tasting (obviously) and yoga classes – of course.

Every retreat will be different, and we’ll always make sure we leave plenty of room for rest and relaxation. Curious? If you love wine, yoga and flowing conversations, we want you there!


24 NOV ’18 – Launch Yoga and Wine Retreat, overnight in Yarra Valley
March 2019 – Yoga, Wine and Glamping Retreat in Bendigo, Victoria
September 2019 – Vino & Vinyasa in Tuscany, Italy

Written by Sab, Retreat Here

Claire Hocken