Yoga + Culture: A night at the museum

In a few week's time we will be hosting our first ever yoga event. It's an exciting yet daunting prospect as I personally have never taught such a large group before,  Then - as it sometimes happens in my life - I start to have doubts; why on earth did I decide to do a yoga event?! I shared this with a very wise friend who asked me "Well why did you decide to do it in the first place?"

This is why:

Our world today is hectic, rushed and fragmented. We are almost too connected, and often find ourselves striving for calm; some peace amongst the hustle. And yet at the same time we can feel so isolated and disconnected from people; too busy to stop and chat, too wired to relax.  

I have always believed that yoga has a unique way of unifying people. The word yoga itself is derived from the sanskrit word 'Yuj' which means 'yoke', so in a spiritual sense yoga is the concept of being 'yoked'; connected, unified, as one. It is for this very reason that I became a yoga teacher, as I see that beautiful connection that is formed by a group of people practising yoga together. We don't need intelligence, good looks, opinions, funny quips or charm when we do yoga; all of that is irrelevant. In fact, we are stripped of them when we step onto the mat. That yoga class becomes a mini community in itself and we share in the joy of our practice together. 

Through the Yoga + Culture series I am hoping to tap in to that idea of connection with the wider community. I chose the Immigration Museum for the first event as it embodies the diverse, multi-cultural city that we live in; the perfect location for an event that celebrates community and connection.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite and as a special thank you to all the readers of our blog we would like to offer you a little something off the ticket price - just enter the code OLY at the checkout.

Much love and namaste x

Claire Hocken