3 New Years resolutions that are worth keeping

Happy New Year! 

2016 was an absolute roller coaster. On a global scale it was hectic, with so many highs and lows, heartbreak and unrest. But on a personal scale it was a beautiful year of happiness and celebration with weddings, engagements and babies, plus of course the birth of my baby OLY! 

So now we're in 2017 and, as with all new years, we try to learn from the past to better the future. What was it that we did last year that we don't want to continue doing this year? Or what didn't we do last year that we can implement this year? What can we leave behind in 2016 that we no longer need, that no longer serves us? This is where new years resolutions come in. We reflect on the year that was, on the person that we have been and the life we have lived, and we make a number of promises to ourselves that will hopefully enrich our lives. Typical resolutions might include losing weight, giving up sugar, exercising more and spending less - and these are all valid resolutions that will most likely be forgotten about by February! My 2016 resolution to give up wine lasted about two weeks... So how about making some promises to yourself that don't take much effort, that don't require you to go without anything or stop doing something? How about making just a few resolutions that will lay the foundations of a happier, healthier version of you?


1. Be kinder to yourself. You know the inner voice that criticises you, compares you to those tiny celebrities on your Instagram, tells you you're not up to it, and generally makes you feel bad about yourself? Well that's your inner mean girl and she needs to shut the hell up this year. Find ways to boost your self-esteem; unfollow those tiny celebrities on Instagram, surround yourself with great, positive people and do things that you're good at and that you enjoy. Become mindful - know what you're feeling, wanting and thinking, know the person that you are, not what others want you to be. And do all of this because once you learn to love yourself, everything else will fall into place.  

2. Eat Happy. Every time you eat should be an opportunity to nourish and fuel your body with the energy it needs. Be conscious and mindful of what you're consuming and eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible (think fresh vegetables as opposed to canned or frozen).  Clear out your kitchen cupboards of everything that contains words that you can't pronounce, read your labels in the supermarket, buy good quality local ingredients, and enjoy your food - eat surrounded by friends and loved ones, or listening to your favourite music.

3. Take time for you. Life is hectic and we often feel like we're being pulled in every direction. After work, family and social commitments - where is the time for you? You have to make that time, which can seem impossible but it's so important; not just for you but for everyone around you. If you are calm, clear and relaxed then so will be your relationships and connections with people. There are numerous ways that you can take a little time out for yourself; wake up half an hour earlier and meditate, or go for a walk; use your lunch break to go for a massage or sit outside and read a book; take an hour out every Saturday morning to practice yoga or go for a run. The time is there and available to you; you just need to be firm and willing enough to take it.

Claire Hocken