Welcome to OLY

My yoga journey really began when I was 24 years old. I had just landed in Australia after having lived in Paris, Brazil, Dubai and Singapore in quick succession. I had no job lined up, no friends, very little money and was in a highly volatile relationship with a guy I had just moved to a new country with. To say I felt overwhelmed, homesick and totally lost is an understatement.

My love for Australia quickly grew, as did my circle of friends. I found a job, moved in to an apartment by the beach, tried to calm my increasingly erratic boyfriend; and I joined a gym. It was there that my yoga practice began.

I had done yoga a few times and loved it. My mind is incredibly active and prone to wandering off in every different direction; focussing on anything for longer than a few minutes has always been a struggle. So I fell in love with spending an hour on my mat just concentrating on my breath and those beautiful, fluid movements that left me feeling so relaxed and open. I felt my mind beginning to still, and from there I discovered meditation. It also helped that my yoga teacher was phenomenal – one of the kindest, most engaging souls I have ever met – and she truly inspired me to take my practice to the next level.

I decided almost straight away that I wanted to teach. I would be close to booking myself onto the course when some huge life event would happen; we moved to Barcelona for 6 months, I broke up with my boyfriend, I got a new job etc... Life threw me some curve balls so the yoga teacher training became my “some day”; I put that little dream on the shelf and I continued with my personal practice.

Then I turned 30. Something clicked – if I really wanted something in my life I needed to bite the bullet, grab the bull by horns and go after it. Yes it was a financial hit, yes it was a big time commitment, and yes going back to studying again after 15 years was a shock to the system, but oh boy was it worth every cent of my money and hour of my time. From the moment I stepped on to that mat to teach a class I knew I was in the right place.

So OLY was born out my desire not only to teach, but to bring yoga to everyone. In particular I want to bring yoga and meditation to the office; having run the corporate treadmill myself since the age of 22 I know the toll that sitting down all day and hunching our shoulders over a keyboard takes on our bodies and minds. Stress, illness and anxiety are all too common in our working environment – and I think we can all work to change that.

And finally, why One Life Yoga? Because we literally have just the one life and we all deserve to live it free from aches, pains, stresses and strains.

We're bringing you this blog to provide you with information and inspiration on all things yoga – our favourite postures, meditation techniques, philosophical insights and anything else yoga-like that springs to mind.

One life. One you. One yoga.

Claire Hocken